23. June 2016

art plus fashion is passion

day one after a fabulous night - still totally in my "art meets fashion super duper wonderland“.

but first things first:
12 days ago, over asparagus-lunch with my friend jenny falckenberg-blunck we had a very spontaneous idea.
we wanted to host a dinner, dedicated to both our passions: art and fashion.

we planned, invited, organized, called, mailed, listed, freaked…and than miraculously just had a unique night with great artists, guests, interested in both our interests.
a night filled with laughter and art and of course fashion. both worlds melted into one. i didn`t want the night to end at all. when i saw all the faces,
heard the conversations, i just felt a deep satisfaction - jenny and i were right: art and fashion means passion!

so, when i woke up this morning - did i sleep at all (???) - i just wanted to start all over again…..

oh and if you are interested in what i am wearing today: easy peasy dress by antik batik and slip ins by aquazzura.