21. June 2016

Little Q&A with Alona Cassin

loooong before mrs. politely pr even excisted i worked in showrooms during the fashion weeks. the most beautifully decorated one belonged to alona cassin and her husband.

alona cassin  - a unique person, you rarely find in your life. i remember exactely how she was flying through her showroom in her tiny-sweet-daisytopped jimmy choo sandals - i adored her immediately and i still do. years later, she told me, she will start a t shirt range called 81 hours. when i saw the images on white shirts i just melted away. i still have some tees from that times and i will never give them to anybody. the loveliest one is an oversized tee with a banana boat on it. i keep it with all my heart as i was wearing it during my first pregnancy. funny, that jeremy (my first son) loves banana-icecream with chocolate topping.

of course 81hours is a success story - and the collection enlarged with cashmere …striped rainbow cardigan: my personal love item!!!



Q: i always loved your name – does it have a meaning?

A: did you know that it takes 81 hours for a rose to bloom?


Q: sweet or salty?

A: both.


Q: did you always want to be part of the fashion industry?

A: fashion catches my interest since i was little. i always have been doing what I can do best, how else can it work anyways?


Q: which part of your business does make the job THE JOB?

A: the moment your surrounding is wearing 81hours. priceless.


Q: if not fashion – what else?

A: i studied international language correspondence. i am fluent in several languages. till today i feel comfortable in many nationalities. i would’ve probably become a foreign language correspondent ;)


Q: when you create a collection – whom do you have in mind?

A: the 81hours woman is active and values quality. she is not a total fashion victim and knows her essentials.


Q: which is the hottest brand to you – besides yours?

A: the row simply nails it. their collections totally catch the pulse of time and they constantly stick to their strong brand language and image.  


Q: you are a fashion dreamcouple since decates – soulmates – what is your love secret?

A: teamwork & respect for each other. the only way it works.


Q: do you love to cook or getting delivery? fav dish?

A: sorry, but … who has time for cooking? please imagine a blushed smiley here ;)


Q: when you reach home after travelling – first thing you do?

A: shower and then snuggling in my cashmere sweaty and pants and calling my children.


Q: fish or filet?

A: definitely sashimi.


Q: which destination is on your super-wishlist?

A: i still have the dream, back in the days of university, of wanting to backpack through vietnam. it is still a dream destination, today without the backpacking - times have changed.


Q: what do you love to add to a cosy cashmere sweater? jeans or leather?

A: that’s the great thing about cashmere it matches with everything. denim always makes an outfit easy and cool – 81hours style.


Q: wine or beer?

A: wine. divine.


Q: who is allowed to critisize you?

A: probably my husband ;)


Q: which is the message you´d love to spread around the world?

A: throw kindness around like confetti.


Q: you are based in germany – perfect base to you?

A: germany has many positive aspects – especially work wise. everybody knows what the germans are famous for – knowing that I drive a mercedes. obviously a g-class.


Q: in bed – book or netflix?

A: in bed - netflix. at the beach – book.