17. June 2016

grüss gott vs salut - so bang

when i finally met chi-young bang again - after a year of non contact - she handed me one of her super delicious biscuits.
wow - i was impressed. last time i met her, she was a powerful fashion editor at german glamour magazine and now she was a creator of a glamorous bakery.
that in my eyes is a big step - also as she packed her life in munich and moved to paris - ok paris is the better option anyways....
as i adore chi-young so much, i want to introduce her to you as well and i hope, you try the heavenly, yummy, arty biscuits yourself!


Q: from fashion front row to bakery - how did that happen?

A: after working 14 years for the fashion magazine glamour in germany, i´ve decided 2 years ago to go to paris for a sabbatical for 6 months.

i love my job as a stylist, but after such a long time it went routine and I´ve asked myself if that should has been all in a life.
such amazing the job is, it didn´t satisfy myself as before. the thoughts came consistently, but i thought that this feelings are not unusual after such a long time.
during my sabbatical, i had the chance to attain the distance to the fashion industry and furthermore the possibility to pass interns in pastry ateliers.
in that time i´ve discovered my passion for this work and i´ve decided to stay in paris and to go this way.

Q: is there something you miss when you think of fashion business?

A: what i definitely miss are the incredible journeys i did for the magazine. you see so great inspiring places.

Q: from your point of view did the fashion business change during the past years?

A: definitely! when i started, there were no online magazines, blogger or online shops. the print had a more important signification then now. since the beginning of the tremendous online market, it has been changed a lot and it has become a real big business. it is difficult to create a print magazine when you have the opportunity to read everything immediately online.

Q: in which mood is sweet right for you?

A: tea time has for me the signification of real pleasure. i don´t like to „eat“ a pastry or  something sweet in between, to appease one´s hunger, i rather take my time to enjoy it with a nice cup of tea. i love also tea times with my girl friends, where we have time to chat.

Q: salty - which is your personal dish of desire?

A: i am more into sweets, but if I had to choose... it would be either asian (korean or vietnamese) or italian food.


Q: do you listen to music while you bake and create? fav song?

A: definitely! usually i´m listening to the radio where i have the mix of different kind of music. but one of my favorite song at the moment is “paradis perdus” from christine and the queens.

Q: which is your favorite porcelain you wish your bakery art being served with?

A: i love the porcelain of hermès and fürstenberg.

Q: your sweets are art - when did you recognize, that you an artist and how?

A: my interests were always directed at creativity and the beautiful things of life. i studied fashion design and i always loved drawing, designing and taking pictures of the nature and still lifes.

Q: do you like the smell of paris? what is it?

A: i never thought about it... it´s rather the romantic and the laissez-faire of this city which i love.

Q: think of a vip - who should taste your bakery?

A: i would be more than happy if any vip would taste my biscuits!

Q: which is your fav hotel in town?

A: actually, i don´t have any favorite hotel. i love all the typical old parisian hotels, but also the small boutique hotels with art deco decoration.
but the “hotel particulier montmartre” in the 18th arrondissement is at the moment one, which i really like. especially the wonderful terasse with the incredible garden!

Q: do you dream of your own little luxury cafe? where should it be located and who should be your first guest?

A: this is further in the future and we will see what happens... there are tons of beautiful cafés and a lot of creative people in paris. but if that will happen some one day, it would be wonderful to open the doors in st. germain des prés. and my first guests? my family and all my missing friends!