27. July 2021

seasonal sports person

when it comes to sports itself - i have to confess since my adult years - i am a very seasonal and moody person - in summer, i love to play tennis like crazy as it's outside and i love to do pilates only when my fav trainer is free - i love to swim in the ocean and hotel pools when the sun is shining… so you see, summer is my sporty season! during winter, or to be honest during all non-summer-month i am more the „i swear i do it tomorrow“ kind of sports person.

in contrast to actual doing sports i love wearing sports wear - i am a pro in the perfect sportswear look - at least!
so it’s not a miracle, that as soon as KCA-LAB entered the sportswear market, they found a fan in me. the three sisters really understand the needs of a women doing sports or simply adores the comfy feeling of sportswear (such as i do). KCA-LAB also uses new technical fabrics and amazing colors and prints - which are made for mix and match no matter the season…
read more about the three sisters kathrin, charlotte & amelie and their brand in my q&a below.

Q: when it comes to combining including sportswear to your daily look - what is your favorite piece of the collection?

A: the three of us are very different and of course that shows in our styles. amelie is more sporty, kathrin is bolder in terms of styling and for me the comfort factor is most important. kathrin styles our pieces with her whole closet and combines them with secondhand pieces up to the colorclashing pink hoodie with our red flower leggings. amelie wears everything from KCA-LAB and styles all collections with each other, for example our blazer from the first 2018 collection with our new black matt shiny leggings. and I like it most comfortable at the moment, because we just spend so much time at home. So I like to wear our sweat pieces together with the comfy aloe vera leggings. I almost can't get out of them...it's a great feeling to wear your own clothes so much. (charlotte)

Q: working mom & working sisters - what are your personal get aways to recharge your batteries?

A: for me, pure relaxation is taking a long bath in the evening, preferably also with a face mask - that's when i can relax the best and it does my skin and soul good. my sport at the moment is taking long walks with my dog and my daughter. if i can find enough motivation, i try to squeeze in a yoga session on weekend mornings when everything is still asleep. it always feels really good and i start the day much fresher. but sometimes i'm just too tired - then i just allow myself to sleep in and start the day relaxed and comfortable. (charlotte) 

i also love long walks with my vizsla dog amber, otherwise i go swimming once a week and a bit of yoga now and then. that's all it takes to feel good! and not to forget chocolate: i love chocolate and it makes me super happy! (amelie)

i recently started my boxing training again, which i missed a lot during my second pregnancy. it gives me a lot of energy and power for my working mum life. besides such a power workout, i like to go for walks in the park just around the corner, just like my sisters, and i love to play with my dog bonnie. you can really switch off there. (kathrin)

Q: you have built your brand while traveling together - what is your next destination?

A: our next private trip is to mallorca - here we will finally all go on a family vacation together again, relax and enjoy the time together. but from a business perspective, we also have our foucs set on the next big "destination": we want to become even more sustainable with our collections. that is our absolutely most important goal for the near future. that's why we are constantly in close exchange with our producers to research new sustainable materials and processes that we can use for us. you can already be excited, because we have already planned great, new innovative materials for the 2022 collections.

Q: what is the biggest advantage to work together as sisters?

A: we think our biggest advantage is that we as sisters know each other and our strengths and weaknesses very well and also that there is a 100% trust relationship. we can rely on each other unconditionally and can always count on each other's support. even if there are discussions and disagreements, we can always come up with a good solution for everyone in the end. it's really nice to see how much our brand put us closer as sisters.

Q: what kind of sports do you like the most?

A: we all like a good hiit session. whenever we are together we do a circuit training together. each one thinks of a different exercise and we take a timer and do for instance 30 seconds burpees and then we take 10 seconds break and jump to the next exercise. another sport we all like, is hiking. we love it because it combines a workout with nature and also spending time together.

Q: do you have an after sport routine - and if yes, what is it?

A: we love to have a big glass of water and a good stretch with some nice music. we love to wind down together and take a little break and reflect. this is as important as the work out. give the body a break and also the mind.

Q: what kind of music are you listening to working and working out?

A: mostly beyoncé... and some good 90s hip hop.

Q: working as sisters - did you figure out new talents if your siblings?

A: yes, 100%. we learned a lot more about each since we are working together. we all have qualities that we didn’t know we have. and we are still learning from each other. the most important factor as in any relationship is: respect.  and this is the magic pillar in our sister relationship and this is why it works.