23. March 2021

new addiction

since my childhood i am fascinated by art - of any kind - paintings, music, fashion, food, dance, fabric - yes from my personal perspective all this is art - it’s kind of life art - surrounding myself with humans and also things which inspire me, is the best i could do to live a beautiful life. this is something i have learned from my wise father. when i first saw the art of pepi, i was happy - just like that. the work she does is light and shiny and clever. it’s not only that she hits the zeitgeist - but she touches your emotions, memories or dreams and what i love the most? the twinkle of an eye to everything. it's ironic and lovely at the same time.

the thing is - you can not only have one piece of art by pepi - as you simply want it all. i started with one big picture which is now the center of my kitchen and than i got addicted and i can’t wait for pepi's next work finding its way into my family. brava pepi!
if you are interested in some more info - please read our little q&a...

Q: as you may have recognized - i am such fan of your work - it's light and modern - which was your first art work?
A: thank you - it's much appreciated! i used to illustrate and draw a lot of people around me before i've found my current art style. 
probably it was not my first artwork but while reading this question i need to think of a portrait of me and a friend i painted on canvas yeeeaaaars ago.

Q: luxury, fashion and lifestyle seems pretty much the base of your artwork - which is your favorite fashion brand ?
A: fashion and lifestyle have definitely a great impact on my work - talking about the base of my art it's more life itself, the people and their minds, visions and desires that are fascinating to me. regarding my envelope pieces i like to recycle envelopes of high end brands like gucci, chanel etc. and give them a deeper meaning. as a fan of beautiful things i also enjoy the beauty of those brands. further i like to wear brands like iro, local authority, golden goose and many more.

Q: in which surrounding would you love to see your art and which song should the owner listen to while looking at your work?
A: great question - it's super exciting to see the artworks in their new homes. from a clean interior to a more expressive living style i love to see my work in every surrounding that shows individuality. lately one of my collectors hanged a painting in his garage. a garage mostly made of glass so he can see my work and his ferrari from the pool. unreal!
while looking at my paintings feel free to check out my playlist on spotify. i think every painting deserves an own song but currently i listing to dance hall days by wang chungs - i love those old songs.

Q: when i think of your work - i think of traveling somehow - which is your fav destination?
A: what a lovely compliment - imagination takes you everywhere! i'm happy that my art makes you dream.
there are too many inspiring places just to name one so let me give you at least two of my favorite destinations:
i love the vibe of la
the beauty of italy - especially rome
the magic of ibiza
oops that were three already...