11. December 2020

custom made and cozy knit made by someone special

about 21 years ago - i had just opened the pinkish door of my own business - i had made some appointments with editors - to present them the brands i was working with and also myself somehow - as i barely knew anybody in the german magazine market. first appointment  - maxi magazine - jürgen claussen - i was slightly nervous, but naive enough not to be too afraid of him.

thanks god - i share the same sense of blackish humor - otherwise, i would have not survived the first 10 minutes of this appointment - and from that moment on - everything went smooth. we had an understanding. i found him fun and clever and stylish and very self-confident - which is an amazing ground for a business partnership. he wasn't arrogant as due to my very young age of 24 - some of the editors treated me a little from above - that is something i absolutely will never forget…. and he supported me and the brands i was working with. i guess, that not everybody prefers his very direct kind of speaking, but that's exactely what makes him amazing to work with and to call him a friend now.

years later - after working with elle, instyle, etc he moved back to holy ground - hamburg - and we met over basic food like a salat and he told me, that he decided to start his own business - clever timing as sustainability and coziness just became big words in fashion - again - and there he was - jürgen claussen with his beautiful, yet raw knit. i told him, that there is a spare room in my office and that i would be amazed by the idea of sharing kind of creative neighborhood - so he painted his room from turquoise to grey and there he was! it's fantastic to observe the passsion for what he does and his sense for classical beauty, details and quality! 

last week i had the pleasure to get a little interview with him and herewith i share it with you - have fun!

Q: the motivation behind building your brand - as perhaps your long career in the fashion industry, non?
A: so and so - at the beginning it was just a thought - a glimbs of an idea, but it was so well received, that it grew faster than planned….

Q: your production is in hamburg - how much do values and roots mean to you? especially related to fashion?
A: both are most important to me as a person. my productsrange is only made of high quality yarn with high quality people! additionally the personal contact is very important to me.

Q: what was your first job in fashion?
A: my first and also super exciting first job was at german mens vogue (now its called gq). i was an assistant on the fashion department and loved it!

Q: which colors and material are your favs?
A: i love quiet colors - my personal fav color never changed and will never change - its navy blue! i do of course offer different kind of colors and combinations in my collection - but never the ones, i don't like myself. everybody wants cashmere and of course me, too - somehow - but there are also other, super soft yarn on the market - which is additional process in my collection! raw yarns.

Q: when you see people in the streeet - random ones - who are wearing your creations - does it fill you with happiness and are you proud? do you talk to them and say hi?
A: when it suits the situation - i make them a compliment… (smiles)

Q: who is the woman you want to see in your creations - besides me of course (hahaha)
A: ok you, of couse on top of my list - and then there are also other vivid, intelligent and interesting women - i must say - i love the look of cate blanchett - so i would say: cate blanchett.