25. March 2020

take care of each other

when i was a little girl, my dad told me not to trust in the words of my feminine friends - he said, when a friend tells me, that my dress or whatever i wear, looks great on me - i should faster than fast - i think he meant yalla - go and get change immediately! my dad of course is my hero - so i needed a while to correct this image of female friends in my head and heart!

now - decades later i learned and during these coroniesk days i learn it even more, that there are great women outside. women to trust, warmhearted ones, big shoulders, strong and open minds. i am super thankful, that in this case, my dad was very wrong.

not only childhood friends but also the new ones and even women i hardly know, call me and would love to support me and i absolutely feel the same for others who struggle during these days. the impression, that we are stronger together and that we take care of each other - somehow - created magic goosebump moments. there are little things like sharing insta content or asking for homework support or food delivery or just being there for each other - brings positivity back to our lives. just out of the blue we do sports via phone together and share more quality talks and thoughts.

when corona lies behind us - i wish we do not forget about this magic, this human and warm footprint should be transferred into better days.