27. May 2019


hi on a presummer monday morning! before you read further, you need to know, that wearing high heels for more than an hour is a disaster for me - not only my feet are no fans, also my mind is not loving it - too tall, too uncomfy….

until (drum roll) I bought myself a pair of funny high heels by chie mihara and slipped into them and loved the comfort of them besides the fun look. i was wearing them the whole day on berlin fashion week and the moment julia from my team asked me how i could survive on this killer heels for so long and i answered how super duper comfy the heels are - that second, the chie herself crossed my way and basically i embraced her and told her, that she would be my dream client for mrs politely…
from then on, we work together - it’s a happily ever after story - i know… if you would love to know more about her - read the little q&a!

and go and buy the heels - you’ll simply love them!

Q: what is your favorite material to work with and which color is the one you love?
A: i love soft leather, the resistance and the nobility of this material never turned me down. i love all colors really, but it all depends how you combine them. lately my eyes go after yellows!

Q: who would you love to design a shoe for - like your personal superhero?
A: that’s funny, i guess i live in another planet… because i’m not really fan of anyone… but beauty wise and elegance, i would be drawn to cate blanchett, but she’s not chie style!

Q: which is your fav model?
A: since last summer, i love wearing mules. this season i have these that are original but yet easy to coordinate.

Q: do you cook or bake? or do you do gardening?
A: nope! i like eating good food! does it count? hahahahha!

Q: what’s your favorite smell?
A: i don’t wear perfumes but i love natural herbs and flower scents in the house.

Q: do you travel a lot to your home country?
A: once every two years! just spent xmas with my family in brasil! was awesome! brasil is always home to me.

Q: your company turned out to be a family business -  advantage or adventure?
A: total advantage! i love having my husband as partner, we are very different. he is so talented for business and the full trust we have on each other makes this game fun and overcoming problems is easier when i’m accompanied with my husband. my daughter started to work with us, she’s doing a great job.

Q: what did you like the most about your visit in hamburg?
A: the people! i found them very professional but personal as well. warm and welcoming.