14. March 2019

grey is new

i'd love to share this thought with you - since my midtwenties i was not sure how i might
dress or more precisely how i could transform my colorful look into a more let's say serious
look… laaaaater, mucho later! when i am older…hm i am older now and i still wonder, how it could work,
but then i "totally out of the blueish" recognized it comes all by itself - tataaaaaaa - two years ago, nothing in
my wardrobe was even plain. now - i have multiple grayish knitwear (maybe little fairy put them in my wardrobe?) and white shirts (whatttt - moi??????)
and i just bought my first pair of black patent high heels (super crazy) - so without even recognizing it, while I was shopping, or getting dressed, my look slightly and slowly changed into an adult version of me.

like everything in life - most of the things, you have no clou about, solves itselves by not even watching at it!
this is such a relaxing thought - maybe it also helps you to handle your everyday little trouble thought….