21. June 2018

BFF and her birthday

about 14 years ago - i finally found a so to say bff - it’s so crazy, as i was already a mother to my first son… so normally you should have experienced a deep friendship - but for me, somehow it wasn’t easy to find a real soulmate, a companion for life.

it was christmas - traditions, expectations, pressure, all stressful, breastfeeding my son in the powder room of the four seasons hotel - i must admit, i was crying, felt lonely and disappointed - i imagined life so totally different, from what it was like during that specific period of my life… but i looked up and saw another mother - same situation - the lonely feeling somehow disappeared and a friendship grew … ok, we needed another year or so, that we finally had a coffee together, but since then, everything is better!

we went through so many stages of life - more kids and kilos, divorces, familydrama, it bags and shoes - and we survived - together - in good and in bad - i can ask her everything - no matter what - no taboo - she hopefully feels the same.

we don’t only share the bad stories but we do share the happy moments and are proud for each other’s little steps to inner peace, we do empower each other - i am super thankful for what we have - it was definitely worth waiting!

so this is to you - my bff - happy birthday - may all your wishes come true!