06. November 2017

Bonne Nuit Cherie

Good morning beauties - i have found a new miracle for my beauty routine and would love to share this with you.
i love going to sleep - slip under my soft linens - listen to some music and slowly finding the way out of a mostly stressfilled day! just recently, i found help to even get more relaxed… the range is called bynacht and from my very personal point of view it’s a little beauty revolution. i just drop some of the serum to my face and give my 43 year old skin the chance to recharge and somehow renew over night plus  - i could not believe it myself - i sleep deeper because of the scented balm… nicer dreams, too - no guarantee of course but it happened to me…

my selecton of the various bynacht range? here you go:
perfect nacht sleeping balm (behind the ears and to pulse)
nocturnal signature anti age cream (really rich and just wow)
iconic reborn radiant serum (will never sleep without it ever again)

please read my little q&a with jessica hoyer, founder of bynacht.

Q: perfect look for bedtime - pj or nightdress
A: depends. i rather wear a nightdress, because i don’t like anything uncomfortable at night. if pjs, they have to be silk, so its comfy but stylish (in case the doorbell rings in the morning :-)).

Q: how do you perfectly relax before going to sleep?
A: i read and i do my nightly routine, using my products and balms, which is already calming. this is exactly what i designed them for and it already helps me unwind and sort my thoughts. i usually have my to do lists updated before I go to bed. and before I sleep, i pray. always. and for me that is the best thing to calm body and mind.

Q: as you have a kid - is it allowed to eat cookies in your bed ?
A: of course! it’s a regular that my son and i have picnics in bed, watching a short movie on the weekends, eating popcorn and cuddle.
we had spaghetti in bed too and sushi (which he loves) when he was sick. whatever works. we are a happy duo!

Q: what is your favorite flower and do you like flowers by the bedside?
A: i love flowers (who doesn’t?!) and my absolute favorite flowers are lilies or magnolias. they unfortunately smell pretty strong, so i use them for my hallways or the kitchen. for my bedroom i use bouquets of cilantro and lavender (bought on a market) - both two of my absolute favorite senses and i use both in my line bynacht too.

Q: do you sing out loud in the car - and if so - which is your fav song?
A: oooooh yes, and i have had some very! awkward moments with people in the car next to me. there is always music on when i drive, that’s my time only after dropping my son of at kindergarten (on the way there we listen to rolf zuckowski - and I know ALL the lyrics). i have playlists for every occasion and genres, so it’s impossible to name a favorite.

Q: do you turn off your phone during nighthours?
A: yes! i do. i put it into night mode where you can decide who can still call you in case of an emergency. one of the best decisions ever was to not read mails or texts before bed.

Q: is a sleeping mask something you like?
A: i do and i use them frequently. holistic silk makes beautiful and useful masks, i can highly recommend them!

Q: which hotel around the globe served the best bed?
A: hands down the budersand hotel in sylt (which happens to be my favorite island too). the beds, the calming atmosphere and the incredible staff are simply out of this world and the suites are designed in a way that you think you are in the middle of the ocean with huge windows. they have the best massages there too, so you can sink into your huge bed and watch the ocean, the sundowner and the sunrise. bliss in a new dimension.

Q: your favorite fragrance? and do you also use it before slipping into bed?
A: i am using gucci flora since years and i hope they never discontinue it. tom ford „blonde“ is also one of my favorites, but i never wear them to bed since my son does not like it. before bed i do use my sleeping balm regularly though which has its own calming scent and effect due to its aromatherapeutic oils.

Q: how about an open window in the bedroom?
A: i always sleep with the window open and have lavender in front of it, as i am terrified by spiders (no matter how small- they don’t pay rent they have to go!) and i heard lavender keeps them away.