11. September 2017

charged my batteries

yesterday night i had one of these special nights - one i will always remember! nope, not a birthday, not a party or romantic candle light, no no, this is not what i am writing about. it’s a mum’s thing and only mums will really understand what i am writing about today. so - all „not mums“ either you quit reading or read and be prepared for your future!

i love and adore my boys - lots - but i also love myself - so i decided to spend a night in a hotel in my hometown precisely 9 min by taxi - all alone… me and the remote control plus delicious dinner - not sharing! i packed my fav scented candles, headphones and book, ordered a delicate bouquet by fleur de paris, kissed the kids goodnight, said hello to the nanny and off i went straight into my little night escape.

i entered the warm lobby of the new sir nicolai hotel, very friendly faces welcomed me and then i got the magic key to my amazing room. wow it looked like a private bedroom, cozy and homey…. but before i slipped into my jumbo bed i went downstairs again to dine and wine.
the menu plus the atmosphere gave me the impression, that i am not in hamburg anymore - maybe london, maybe new york - but definitely away from home! i ordered jurrasic jumbo shrimps and loved them, i ordered more and more and loved it all so much. two or three special izakaya drinks later i went up to my home away from home and slipped into my massive bed - lighted the candles, had a macaron, read some pages, turned on the tv and watched just what i wanted to watch and thought of nothing! no washing, no hot chocolate for the little one, no homework checking… just time to be me… and i fell asleep - i slept like a baby, ordered latte macchiato to the room, showered for hours and used all the great products the hotel was offering. best smell? the bodylotion!

jumped into my sweater and denim and went down - could not resist the luxury breakfast - buffet plus ordered a huge portion of scrambled eggs - i still had this holiday feeling - even if office hours where about to start in 30 min. checked out again all friendly faces, ordered a taxi and went straight to my office max 7 min away from my little holiday destination!

resume: super idea  - perfect hotel - already booked for one more night in january as the spa will be opened by then!

to all stressed mums out there: do what i did - it’s just a couple of hours, but it charges the batteries! i can absolutely recommend it! it’s just an eve, but feels like little holiday!