11. August 2017

me with 43

sun is out!
yeah, it is my birthday today and i feel like a little, happy girl.
i know, i am not a girl anymore as i turned 43 today and you know what, it’s all just perfect as it is!

i am already up - sitting in my bed - not allowed to come downstairs, yet as my lovely boys are in the middle of their birthday decoration preparations - hoping, the dog did not eat our family-birthday-crown. already, this is such a festive feeling. later i will zip my latte macchiato, we will all play minigolf, put our feet in the sand, eat more cake, drink pink champagne and lemonade, decorate some flowers, hold our noses in the fresh and windy air and then we will have a bunch of dear guests at our place with beer and bread all basic and fab…..all of that is such a massive gift!

my little life is filled with the unconditional love of my three boys and with the neverending love of my parents, with warmhearted friends
who stand by my side no matter what, with an amazing team - every single of them trusts and believes in my vision - i think, that’s more than one should ask for in life. everything that comes on top is an extra gift, but i am already a satisfied, still learning, still growing mother-daughter-friend-companion….of course i had other plans for my life, another vision - but the way it is right now, is better than what i longed for!

i have learned to trust my guts again - so 43 - show me what you have for me!