20. July 2017

Q&A with Horror Vacui

approx a year ago - i saw the first pj of horror vacui and i was beyond happy, that someone created exactly, what i want
to wear day and night and night and day! honestly - as soon as i come home, i jump into my pj and it's not easy to resist and just wear it
during office hours as well! the collection from my point of view is made for a modern doris day boho hippie - and on a good day - i picture myself like this sometimes!

then past berlin fashion week - i finally got to meet the wonderful woman behind  - a strong, yet shy young person, who exactly knows what she does. she's not a fragile dreamer even when her styles are light and dreamly, she is smart and creative and strong and what i liked the most: she did not really understand - so far - that she will be the next global fashionsuperhero!

so, be invited to know more about ms anna heinrichs and read my little q&a…..

Q: when i think of your collection, of course i think of fields full of bright flowers not just because of the fabric, but also the cuts - is that also your fantasy?
A: a lot of inspiration comes from historic costume as pictured in art. but flowers - and nature in general - are always part of the inspiration. The endless variety of species in nature is what fascinates me - so many vibrant colours and shapes. it always reminds me, that "natural" beauty is so much more beyond what is often referred to "natural" in daily life. and, of course, flowers are kind of a metaphor for the course of our lives - from flourishing to fading, yet always worth the effort of beauty.

Q: personally do you prefer the pyjama or the nightshirt?
A: pyjamas always - I'm a pyjamas girl, preferably grandfather style. and then after a while the mood for uber-femininty sets in and I embrace the dresses.

Q: i could picture a modern doris day as well as hippie girl. in your dreams - who do you picture?
A: literally anyone, actually, and that's what's so great about HORROR VACUI. it brings out your individuality and celebrates who you are.

Q: if not bavaria - where else would you love to live?
A: there are many, many places i would absolutely love to live. i lived in milan for a while and have great memories of that time. london and new york are all-time favourites, too. and i love the idea of living in the countryside or by the sea, but longterm i am a city girl after all. having several "base camps" would be a dream.

Q: you’ve studied law - does that support your success?
A: i hope so, of course, for otherwise the long years of studies would have been wasted ;-). actually, it rather makes me feel 'unworthy' in a way - i deeply respect all designers, who are designers by education. on the other hand, i feel very free in what my aesthetic voice is. the creative idea was there before the mere thought of an own brand - the brand and the whole story around it kind of happened to me rather than i had planned it and that's a good thing, too.
Q: your fav travel destination?
A: seaside at all times. especially I love those southern european places, where you can eat plenty of fresh locally grown veggies and fish straight out of the sea, go for a swim and just enjoy dolce far niente, reading and dreaming.
Q: the colour you love the most?
A: all tones of pink. pink is masculine, feminine, young, old, delicate, fierce... It has all of life in it.
Q: the smell you fancy?
A: the smell of rain.



outfit: horror vacui