22. June 2017

my little bijoux zoo

berlin - years ago - i walked along several stands at the tradefair bread and butter and then i saw a white porcelaine swan set of earrings and necklace - and i knew i arrived in my very personal jewellery heaven - nach bijoux.
we started to work together and we still do and i still can't wait for new animals to arrive in my little bijoux-zoo. i promise - you'll be addicted too, when you once started collecting.

please read my little q&a with the nach sisters!


Q: which is your favourite animal in real life?
A (nadia): love all the animals but my favourite one is horse. i did for many years horse riding that’s why i have a connexion with horses.
A (nancy): my favourite animal is black panther.

Q: on a date - which piece would you wear?
A (nadia): red parrot pendant earrings
A (nancy): kudu bull ring
Q: sisters sharing a creative business - always the same opinion?
A (nadia): mostly yes - we have same opinion and vision but sometimes we aren’t agree for the same things, it would be too easy! the good thing is that we have booth ours domains with nach.
nancy, she is taking care of the creation and communication and i am in charge of all the other parts (such as sales, management, supplier,…).

Q: which was the most exciting moment in your career so far?
A (nadia): the first fair that we’ve done in 2012 because we realized at this moment that it was the beginning of a BIG adventure.
A (nancy): see our creations wore by people we don’t know walking in the street. every time this makes my heart beat.

Q: which is your favourite song during the creative process?
A (nancy): not a song but the entire album of isaac delusion!
Q: any flower or plants  you’d like to create in your collection? a palmtree maybe?
A: we already did roses, jasmin and palm tree. for the next season, we have plan to launch daisy flowers, more roses and a palm leaf necklace. the special thing of the production process of the flowers is that each petals are fixed one by one and moreover the white colour of the flower is the natural colour of porcelain. this is what makes each piece unique.

Q: have you ever been on safari? if yes, did you like it?
A: not yet but it’s part of our plan for next year. we are so exciting about it!

Q: do you love visiting the zoo?
A (nadia): yes, i love spending times at the zoo looking all the animals and their behaves, this is a source of inspiration. when we are travelling we love go to the zoo, park, museum or aquarium.
A (nancy): not that much, i prefer watching the animals in liberty, but sometimes it’s the only way to see the rare species.
Q: if you would not life in france - where else?
A (nadia): in thailand, my second hometown.
A (nancy): somewhere near the sea.