19. April 2017

french fries - a little love story

i exactly know, when it all started - i wanted to pick up jj (my oldest son) at a fancy birthday party (back in those days, when he was not taller than i am actually) and when i arrived, of course totally stressed out and 100 % late, the kids were still yummyly eating these molto deliciously smelling french fries. most of the other mothers were putting their heads together while „chinchinning“ with spritzer - talking about superficial thatandthat- so i filled my mouth with french fries instead of joining the gossipgang and i loved it! and that was it - trallallala - i was hooked by this taste - no i was in love and i still am! i would say - i am close to an expert, when it comes to ff right now!

i dont know, why i needed all those decades to love the smell and the taste so much, as a kid, i was more into crudités. i missed so, so many years of pure food joy! the only thing, the french style legumes and the french fries share? that i could eat them with my hands - what i love lots!

that’s now ten years ago and the french fries industry grew and grew and got better and more innovative - the trendy sweet potatoe version and truffle mayonnaise is just waiting to be a classic and then there will be what? i go for avocado fries - never found them anywhere so far! so please, please dear foodies invent them for me and serve them with roasted bresaola and cottage cheese dip! i am ready when you are!

bon appetit and off i go - directly to my personal ff dealer!
(peter pane mühlenkamp)


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