28. March 2017

working mum dreamjob

yesterday eve, my boys and i decided, that we will have spaghetti ice cream instead of a real proper dinner - with this we celebrated the beginning of „nosocksseason“!

while we were yummyly absorbing the sweet vanilla dream, my 10 years old boy asked me: “mummy, what do you want to do, when you are an adult? i mean as a job?“
i was a bit astonished - shocked, as i am 42 years old and definately an adult and a working mum - since i have kids i have never not worked….plus my kids are frequently here at my office…. hmm - something was going wrong and then i thought - stop, no! something is definately going super right!

my boys just see how happy i am with my job, that i am not complaining about office hours, clients, employees or whatever. i love my job, in the morning i‘m totally looking forward to sit on my ferrari red leatherchair in my office and talk to clients, editors, bloggers, miniinfluencers etc. - the reality is, that i made my hobby a profession, that is definately more than anybody could ask for and that's why it does not feel or obviously look like a real job.

of course, it was not always easy to build a company and as i have to travel a lot, i miss my boys like crazy and the job also changed massivly within the last decade, but i still love being a working mum and being a pr in fashion-food-lifestyle-beauty, as my work keeps me open, aware and happy!

i am thankful and i wish my team also sometimes feels, that all we do is a hobby with a lot of responsibility!
plus i am hoping, that with me being their mother, my boys will find a profession which they love as much i do love mine!

en plus: i recomment spaghetti ice with extra mucho white chocolate on top of it all!


shirt: paul&joe sister
jeans: zara
shoes: ysl