30. January 2017

back to academy of fashion!

a while ago, i was asked to be part of the jury for the final semester of the academy for fashion and design - i felt honored.

so this happened past saturday. i thought about what to wear to minimize the distance between the students in their excitement and myself - also pretty excited!
i decided on a fab white t shirt with a beautiful back of special lace and a slimfit black denim plus my goldengucciluckyshoes - i jumped into a cab and to the off location in the red light district of hamburg.
whooo crazy - i felt exactely as i was a student again - i entered the venue - saw all the students together and i knew exactely how all this felt for me a trillion decades ago!
back in 1997 i did my finals at the same private fashion academy and i was incredibly proud and i thought of all the great and glamorous jobs, which would wait out there in real life…for me….

but ok, lets go back to last saturday! the two other members of the jury (tanja glissmann founder & designer of black velvet circus and journalista bianca lang-bognar) and me had a very close look at all the 13 collections and spoke to the students and i must say - i was very, very impressed of their professional work and their great results. they also were so selfconfident - and i could not help but thought of myself - back in these days and there is a big gap!
when i was that age, i was much more insecure, less informed and grown up. this generation is really very different - maybe because of the internet, maybe because of their parents, maybe because of their teachers i don't know, but even if i have much to do with students, babysitters, interns etc. these bunch of students were like big baehm in my face.

the amd (academy for fashion and design) really supports talents, you can bring out the best in you - sometimes when you start in your first semester you don't even know about your talents, but at the end - when you`ve gone through all the little desasters, exams, speeches, tests, presentations etc.: you know!

so the jury three of us - decided all on a different collection - which was not possible as we could only nominate and decide on one… so we came to the conclusion, that we have to wait until we also saw the collection on stage, on the catwalk and on models with music and the whole atmosphere thing around.
after all the 13 collections filled with heart and passion had been shown, we looked at each other and all said the same name! tataa we all wanted to honor the same collection for the same reasons - that was great and unexpected. we are all from different parts of the fashion industry, have different tastes and educations and attitudes.

we went on stage (not so happy about my outfit anymore) and the two girls behind the collection could not believe it - they had been so thankful and happy and you could imaging that they see themselves having a great future in the fashion industry: i wish you all the luck - you definitely deserve it!

and when we came back from the stage, i saw all the happy faces of parents and friends hugging, kissing and just being proud! and i just wanted to head home to my kids who i am so proud of! whatever profession they`ll choose, whatever road they are going to go - i will be the proudest, supportive mummy on planet earth - just as my mum is!