19. January 2017

chinchin yellow flamingo

my motto to start day 3 of berlin fashion week? kittycatty look from head to toe and then off i go - to grazia fashion breakfast - full with flowers and with scent of tea.

i totally adore the location - la grosz, kurfürstendamm. when you enter this etablissement, you don't really know if you are either in vienna or paris or just in fashioncrazyland - a bit of all the three i guess.

i had bits and pieces of toast with scrambled eggs and avocado - the mozzarella of 2016/2017  - i hugged my lovely nino cerone and then julia squeeezed me into the shuttle straight to premium fair - hold on julia - one more tiny müsli and a zip of hot latte would do perfecto for a healthy happy day….ok!ok! got it - clients first and sioux is waiting with gala vice boss marcus and handsome sebastian. we talked about the new collection bien sur and we all already found our next winter fav booty by sioux!

lunch at pauly saal - my next destination on my fashion mission - hosted by instyle, elle and harpers bazaar. as pauly saal restaurant is located in a former girls school, i decided on my schoolgirl uniform look. i loved the venue plus the menue.

everybodys top topic - of course - „der berliner salon“. i was so excited about it and as soon as i zipped the last bit of my coke zero on ice i grapped the goodie bag and jumped into a taxiiii with alexa osmers. i love her sharp and clean mind and the way she stays true to herself - which is sadly rare in our industry. 

when i arrived at the kronprinzenpalais, i was simply overwhelmed by the huge flower bouquets, the wide rooms, the light, the vibrant atmosphere and i mucho fell in love with the brand called: horror vacui. i already own a pj by this feminin brand, but i now want it all - want to wear it 24/7.

oh wait a moment - ninaaaaaa - hi - how are you? ha and rianna - i love the bags so much - congrats to you both - you definately rock the german fashion lots. i think, they are „funinfashionhunters“, treasure collectors at its best!

wow - why did nobody tell me how time is running??? just a quick hello at talbot runhof. ciao bello adriano and hi super johnny -  we`ll see each other later today at your opening ceremony at schlüterstraße! and oh yes - we will definately have a fountain of champagne!

back to the hotel, short shower, another coke zero on the rocks, trying to look not as tired as i am actually! maybe i should wear the nightblue and gold dress by paul and joe - its very open in the back - so nobody would pay attention to my tired face anymore - i know - smart move!

kisskiss and bravo to adrian and johnny - what a beautiful new shopping destination! good luck for you both!

now - destination zeit magazin at the coolest hot spot in town called max brown hotel! the yellow flamingo saluted me and then i met mousse t and till broenner and of course kissed the wonderful host myriel!

incredibly tired but hungry we decided to change location for a goodnight drink, french fries and cucumber salad at borchardt. the gang next to us - four men from bavaria - tried instagram for the very first time…#loveoldschool

goodnight and tataaa good morning - that's how it is, when you can not find an end in the night….only a few hours of sleep did not make a beauty - so flower tights and hippidress combi should manage to avoid people looking in my face once more….gala fashion breakfast is my last destination - it's like coming home more or less. bye-bye berlin - see you very soon and thank you  - you`ve treated me very well this time!