17. January 2017

berlin fashion week: day one & two - from glitter to burger

my 'this-season-trip' to berlin started like a girls‘ night out with jenny falckenberg and sue giers sharing not only coffee and croissants... a little gossip girl round later, we finally arrived at our temporary fashion universe for the next four days.

first things first, after viewing the fabulous lala berlin collection in their impressive showroom, i moved on and on and on on my fashion mission - till i met nicola! dinner at borchardt with nicola hinrichsen, my friend and business companion. we focused on funny thoughts and apps and fashion and filter and jewellry and gucci glitter shoes. what more can two fashion maniacs ask for? uhlala , nicola needed to rest but i stayed and met maurits and his gang from the netherlands. stayed for a drink and then off i went to meet my fairy on my soft pillow.

woke up after dreams of dresses i longed for my facial mask by oskia and hairmask by percy and reed. i can't believe it, the blowdryer really dried my strange - let's call it hair. i decided on two very different looks for today: one more pastell style like a french macaron. the next one: hippie goes woods. jumped into the cap - yes i know, much too late again, but just made it in time to the show by dorothee schumacher. oh, how much i love the blue suit and the flattery dream of a skirt! dear dorothee, my birthday is the 11th of august and i love surprise boxes. i met the haghjoo sisters and franco tettamanti - super long time no see and no change bien sur! vite vite change the look and off to premium fair to say howgh to sioux shoes. time is running and jolie magazine is calling for lunch. definately had too many vegan rice balls. glad i'm wearing my babydoll look! taxi, taxi! please bring us to sir savigny! we're hosting an art talk this afternoon. wow, what a wonderful day. i have to rush back to my hotel for a teammeeting. let's see what the girls bring back from their personal fashion wonderland day and secretly hope that they will order french fries so i can pretend not to eat anything but steal a frie here and there.

better be careful girls!