31. December 2016

pimping family tradition

every family has their very own traditions - so do we! some are smaller, some are bigger, but i can always count on them - this makes make happy - full of trust and i feel safe because of these traditions!

one of our smaller family traditions is, that when there is a special occasion like christmas, new years eve, birthdays, exams, babys etc. my mum takes out her wedding gift - porcelain by rosenthal. i love this fragile white plates, with blue ornaments, which always reminded me of little balloons in the sky - the food even tasts better, when you try it from this very sepcial plates - i swear. this year we celebrate in my house - with family - so my mum packed and packed her precious porcelain very carefully and brought it to my place - i pimped it with my christmasgifts: new silverwear by sambonet and new wine and champagne glasses by rosenthal.

to make the table look even more like my style, then my mom´s table setting i added some confetti - which is always a good idea and table fireworks of course - all colourful and all sparkling - just as the champagne we are going to have later today! this year jj my son is allowed to open this bubblebottle and fill sparkle in our (no not his) glasses! 

at this special occasions my mum always says: yasmin, come and help me taking out the rosenthal - that´s why the name rosenthal is settled deep in my comfort zone - its stands for family, tradition, quality, loyalty - this is what traditions are made for i guess and i hope, that also my 3 kids will love old family traditions and that they stick to them, when they are older.

my parents got married ca. 50 years ago - so rosenthal was a good gift i guess…can´t wait for my mums eyes, when she sees her wedding gift in a „ new dress“. so PROST NEUJAHR - may all your wishes come true in 2017!