29. December 2016

au revoir 2016

during the past days on every possible channel i saw or listened to resumees for 2016 - what was the most tragic, the most fun or spectacular moment … then i of course also thought about some magic or tragic moments of my very personal 2016 and i looked at all the pics - the lovely holidays with the boys, the various dinnerspartys with friends, the businesstrips with my great team, ohoh romantic moments - and while i looked at all the little episodes my heart skipped a beat here and there - i must admit, not only because of the emotions related, but also because of the shoes, the bags, the coats etc. which had been my fashioncompanion for 2016.

there had been classics like my traditional blue cap, striped t- shirts, oh so many little flower dresses and checked coats, but also a selection of funshoes, funglasses and messagesweaters. some of these items i will keep forever and ever, just because we shared a special moment in 2016 and some are already a part of another girl's life - hey you girl out there: have fun and share your fashion memories!

have a look at my personal favorites of the year 2016 and let me know, which one you like the most! chinchin!