13. December 2016

destination: perfect christmas shopping

our christmas family tradition always starts with early lunch at the four seasons hotel in hamburg. all the happy faces, festive mood, the whole family plus closest friends gather around the wonderfully decorated christmas tree in the magnificent hall of this wonderful home away from home.

but wait - until we all stand there, everybody beautifully dressed up: it’s a family-fight! a mega-family-fight!
my three boys never ever want to wear what i want them to wear. what i want to wear, santa lost on his way from north pole. what my mum wants to wear - nobody knows, not even her… only relaxed person on our annual christmas picture - my dad!

so this year i decided to buy the perfect look all on my own at the perfect destination. two points totally convinced me to go and would have done the same with you:
a: not spending a fortune
b: the result looks like a proper ralph lauren advert

so i spontaniously jumped in my slide which took me directly on a fastlane to neumünster - designer outlet center - does not sound super sexy? ha - you have no idea!

first things first - starbucks coffee and gingerbread man for my soul and then off to coach - i love the us-brand and so does another person i know!
so i bought a little something and off to porsche design - new luggage for my parents? found…! i know, i know, i just wanted to concentrate on the christmas lunch looks - but that’s really hard in here as i discovered a shopping paradise…. so don’t disturb me no more - there is hallhuber - maybe they offer the leoprinted coat mum saw in the window? YES, DEAL, DONE!
adidas? cooper wanted that cool bag - check! i need a new sportive outfit for „afterchristmas“ doublecheck! puh - its exhausting i need a little rest and have a yummy fish at nordsee restaurant.

wandering around in incredibly decorated christmas wonderland and can’t believe this little city of fashion is offering all i wanted and all i needed - and now OMG there is lacoste - i love this french classic and i can not resist this one-in-a-million YES sweater - maybe i can wear it for new year’s eve with a little sequin skirt? yes i will!

after marc cain, samsonite, levi’s, petit bateau, closed, gucci, stefanel, falke, scotch & soda, le creuset i ended up at ralph lauren and then ralph lauren kids!

you know what boys: you are going to wear what i want you to wear, because all the three of you will love your outfit this season lots and when you`ll look at our picture from christmas 2016 in about 25 years, you will not feel any shame but be thankful your mum found this super-duper shopping wonderland called designer outlet neumünster!