21. November 2016

perfect paintings and did christopher survive

when i was a child there had been several mantras my mum and dad used to repeat constantly.
one of my mum`s favorite ones was - a womans hair is her crown - you have to take care of it on a daily basis as they are your friends!
ok this might sound a bit strange, but my mom was always perfectly dressed and of course hairdressed - every swing - every curl well planned! when my brother and i played with her - we better avoid touching her hair unless we want to risk an unhappy mummyface!

so now, decades later my kids are allowed to play with my hair - as it`s never styled - always just hanging there. to me it`s not the perfect curl here and there it`s about a healthy, easy, casual look and omg the COLOUR!!! but i tell you - this look is not easy to get! normally i have bambi-brown hair with a bit of grey already, but i want it to look like i am a natural beachbabe - effortless - sun still in the hair: that`s a challenge!

it started about 12 years ago - with a tiny-sweet coiffeur from kuba - he understood my hair - he knew how to talk to every single one - but the biggggg disadvantage for an unpatient client as i am was, it took him 6 (!!!!!!!) hours! who on planet workingmum has 6 (!!!!!) hours for a hairdresser? so after years of suffering, he told me, he was too old to help me with my beachbabe look - all these years i thought he was sweating like hell, because he had a health issue - but at the end he told me, that i was the problem, as i have an exact idea of the result - why is that a problem.  

hmm a couple of years ago i finally found christopher - he pretends to look totally relaxed and selfconfident when i hurry through the coiffeurs-door - but his colleague whispered me a topsecret: christopher could not sleep the day before my appointment - i am his horrorclient (what??????) . i don`t get it - maybe it`s because i cry, when i don`t agree 100% with the result? not with every single painting he did? when his job is done he and his team are standing next to me to talk the new painting over and over and then i need to be alone for like 5 minutes and then: i smile! and louis, kathy and christopher are relieved.

i am so, so sorry christopher, for all the stress i put in your system but i honestly think you are doing a super job and i am so glad i found you! and all the hair thing is just because of my childhood - it isn`t  me, so don`t take it personally….and mum, i still love you, i know you did not raise a hairfreak on purpose!

ahhh and if you don`t have christopher, there is an emergency plan:
+ halfbun
+ ponytail
+ john frieda go blonder productline combined with percy&reed hairoil
+ shrink
+ plus its already good to know, you are not alone with the freaky hair thing

pullover: h&m