18. November 2016

shoelove by schoshoe

there are different addictions - like plants or bags or cars or watches or unicorns or anything, but my addiction is beyond addiction - it´s an obsession called shoeteria! i have found a one-of-a-kind medicine for it - called schoshoes.

a shoebrand which fulfills my dreams. shoes - which you think are made in heaven, but they are designed in munich - produced in bella italia.
please read my latest q&a with the dealer and designer of my fav medicin: anna scho!

Q: how would you explain your personal style?
A: i would explain my style as an eclectic mix of high street fashion and vintage fashion.

Q: is munich your city of love and life ?
A: yes, the city of munich has always been the city of my dreams.

Q: which song fits best to your shoe-creations ?
A: 'your boots are made for walking‘...

Q: shoes are made for dancing and for jumping around? do you agree?
A: over the years we have developed shoes in all variation. once we have found a good comfortable fit we always work around that particular fitting form to create new designs.
yet there are so many different feet that one really has to try on various styles to find the most sorted shoe for themselves.
for me, shoes are always an important detail, because shoes shows who you are! you change your appearance, how you move and how you are going up! whether flat or high.

Q: you are running late and you just have a single space left in your luggage for a pair of shoes - which one is the perfect companion?
A: every time I would choose a loafer… with or without fur or some initials, that is always a good idea and an eye-catcher...

Q: if you have s personal slot - „freetime“ - what would you do?
A: spent time with my family

Q: sweet or salty?
A: salty

Q: which is your favorite flower? and favorite flavor?
A: oh I can’t live without flowers… orchids, roses, ..it depends on the season…

Q: iceskating or skiing? and why?
A: skiing. it is athletic, you are in the mountains and can be inspired by nature.

Q: you have a cute little daughter - is there hope for a minima collection?
A: let´s wait and see ;-)