10. November 2016

baby i love your style

Q: when you opened the doors of your first shop, you must have been extra proud und filled with visions - now today - how are you?
A: i'm still full of visions, a lot more experienced and significant less concerned about the future!

Q: dancing or dining?
A: first dining - than dancing

Q: since i saw you first i think, you should own a hotel - is there any hope for me?
A: it already exist in my dreams on the sunny side of this planet

Q: btw - whats your fav destination?
A: there are a few:
cities: buenos aires, tokyo, cartagena
countryside: alentejo/portugal, wyoming/usa
beach: andeman islands/india

Q: is there anything or anyplace you are longing to visit?
A: this is an endless list, but let's start with peru

Q: when i would own this wonderful shop of yours - filled with all this special pieces -  i would want to own all by myself - how is it for you?
A: business is business and my closet is limited

Q: whats your fav song?
A: brown eye girl - van morrison

Q: your fav flower?
A: magnolia

Q: first things first - how do you start your day?
A: breakfast in bed with my family - every single day

Q: you travel lots - what is your personal packing solution?
A: i'm always packing last minute, with a little chaotic system

Q: what makes you smile?
A: our new funny dog

Q: and what makes you cry?
A: love movies

Q: christmas - home or holiday?
A: home with family and friends and after holiday

Q: toptop of your personal wishlist?
A: ticket and time for a world trip


pullover: paul & joe
skirt: sonia rykiel