03. November 2016

ciao bella autumn

honestly?! talking about the weather is probably the most boring thing in the whole wide and wider world - but from my personal fashion point of view and in my personal hometown - it`s getting better and better which is superb!

look: it`s november and i barely wear socks - ok that`s due to my supersuper schoshoes shoes! it`s november and i still have a slight tan as the sun is out and about quiet often, it`s november and i don`t want to eat all the prechristmaschocolatedreams as the weather pretends, that i might need a bikini-body all year round! it`s november and i can mix and match summer and winter collection - even RESORT, crazy?!

it`s november and i don`t light the candles until dinnertime, it`s november and my kids did not hand in the crazy-wishes-catalogue for christmas……but please, please from december 1st - we need snow and snow and snow - until mid march! 

tataaa - that`s on my personal whishlist -  i totally love real seasons as they belong to our healthy environment!


shoes: schoshoes
jeans: claudie pierlot