25. October 2016

lucky moments

a few days ago, i travelled with a friend and while we were sitting in the train had tons of coffee and delicious snacks, we spoke
about happiness and luck and other deep thoughts… she said, since she is an adult, the lucky moments are getting less and i thought about it and for me it`s definately a NO!
of course i participate from all the little lucky moments my kids are constantly sharing with me, but i have tons of lucky moments myself- even more than i had as a kid - maybe it`s because the older you get, the more thankful you are or maybe it`s just a personal attitude - i see all the beauty in life and i also understood that luck is fragile.
maybe i just decided to see and feel luck even in very small things - like yeahh i have enough milk left for a second round of coffee…. or yeahhh - i found a perfect matching knitwear to this new skirt…. so my lucky moment can be also superficial or can be the result of a state of mind. maybe i just celebrate the positive little things in life more than others do. it`s another thing - which makes me lucky.
and if it`s a state of mind - you can also have more lucky moments yourself! just give it a try!

coat and pull: paul & joe
skirt: zara
shoes: charlotte olympia