22. September 2016

soup love – that’s amore

after all those rollercoaster years, i know exactly when my husband is in a bad mood like grummmmpy - i can tell it from the ringtone of my phone when he calls, or how he puts his key in the locker - when it’s THIS mood  -  i know what to do to change his grumpyness into  happiness - i just put on my happy face and my flower stitched apron from sicily  - so tataaaa ready to cook my famous „mirkostrone“ formally known as minestrone, but i have personalized our family recipe - as my husband's called mirko. this super delicious legumes soup from italy is our number one family dish! That’s amore!

loooooots of white beans, patata, tomato, pepper, zucchini, princess beans… plus several top secret "von-schlieffen-ingredients" makes it mooolto delicious. sometimes i think my husband only pretends his "ohh mood" to make me cook la soup - another communication thing in a marriage - you surely understand…. so just add a huge glass of red wine (i love the reds called primitivo) - voilaaaaa - happy husband happy family dinner!

bon appetit my friends and let me know, if it worked for you as well.