05. September 2016

first date - first look

when i look back to my dating times, which is ages ago - i still know exactly what i was wearing - not to every date of course - but the first ones of the four most important dates - as they led into a relationship.


my first boyfriend was an italian - his mom a  fashiondesigner - mucho pressure i have to admit - i was 19 and he looked and behaved like an adult - so i remember, that i tried to look older - a sophisticated but yet leisure look, was what i was searching for in my girlsrooms` closet - what i found was a white shirt, chinos and timberland sailor shoes…..yep, i know - but back in those days, i thought yuchee!


second really important relationship a wow looking, funny and clever guy - i did not think of my outfit at all - i just thought of the great conversations, the humor we will share for sure - i jumped into a black miniskirt and a simple black pullover and voila - we were engaged! 


third relationship - a man whom i knew for a looong time - so i just stayed in the comfy blue trousers and striped pullover look of the day - we got married - and divorced!


fourth and final date: super smart - very calm, very handsome, a real man -  i was not even thinking of the date - during that time men where not on my radar - i thought it`s not a date at all - not even showered after my tennis lesson - not jumped into a tiny little flowerdress and not tried to straighten my hair - just stayed in my terrible red velvet joggingsuit - tataaaaaa and we are married!!! he just loves me the way i am  - even with a ponytail!


my personal dating look resumee - the more effort i have put into my first date superlook - the shorter the relationship…so keep that in mind for your next date! yep a great outfit gives you an attitude and superpowerselfconfidence of course, but if you wanna be loved just because of being you -  an effortless look it is! 


that`s the superpower.