23. August 2016

salty air - mucho flair

back in town, after 2 weeks time with my loooovely family and superb friends and i could go back the sooner the better!

just because of the air! there is no better air anywhere on planet earth than on my personal love-affair-island called sylt! my skin feels smoother, my eyes more bright and my brain cleared!

sylt - internationally has no relevance, but to me its the destination of relaxing! you can have everything - party or pure quietness.


but again the air is key, plus the salty water and the wind or call it storm and the food and and and! this island just has a special flair - i can not exactely explain why - and when i try - i just think: AIR!


we as a family try to stay minimum a week during summer vaycay - but this time we made two out of it and we loved it. we had the perfect books from keitum bookshop -everything about mermaids….- , games - even i now know how to play cards…., beaches - there is nothing better than buhne 16 of course and air!


cant wait to see and smell you again my love