13. June 2016

Sophie Mechaly

this is her: sophie mechaly - the woman behind the paris based brand paul & joe which i am totally addicted to. surely wonderwoman sophie had to be my first interviewpartner for my blog to start with - MERCI!

Q: if not paris - where else would you love to live?
A: LA - without any hesitation! for the sun all year round, space, ocean…

Q: long distance flight - dream companion?
A: for long distance, i always wear comfortable clothes and i buy all the magazins at the newspaper kiosk before i make myself comfortabel in my seat….

Q: at home - barefoot or barbouche?
A: cosy slippers.

Q: beach or pool?
A: beach - its about the sand and the waves.

Q: which song makes you wanne dance the night away?
A: All night long by lionel richie

Q: which film made you cry?
A: the schindler list by steven spielberg.

Q: which is your fav outfit of the current summer collection?
A: impossible to choose - i love the printed dresses…

Q: first date - which outfit from paul & joe would be the best choice? we need your advice!
A: the most important is to feel good and confident with yourself and with what you are wearing. a lovely dress and high heels are best, but they are not what we are about.

Q: do you like a swan more than an owl?
A: swan - definately - more elegant and majestic.

Q: would you love to be part of the audiance during your show - sometimes?
A: no! i really enjoy beeing backstage with the girls and my team. emotion is really intense, everything is so stimulating.

Q: fav place to relax?
A: in the arms of my lover!

Q: wake up early or stay out late?
A: wake up early!