02. August 2016

giraffes and le dogwalk

when i was a petite girl, i always dreamed of having a giraffe, which should live in our garden and should play with me through my kidsparadise window! my parents refused and i could not convince them at all - my dad said it would be much too cold for a giraffe being raised in germany. for me this worked for a while. but i still so, so much wish to go to africa to see a real life giraffe in her own world not in a tiny zoo area. 

in a magazine i saw the lodge ‚giraffe manor‘ based in africa. from that day on, i wanted to go! i will go - one day! as soon as even my youngest boy will enjoy it mucho!

ok - my private giraffe is still a dream - but i have a special hairy friend now - he`s a cockapoo - which is not even close to a giraffe but he already owns my heart. his name is lumpi and it`s already 6 month ago since he joined the von schlieffen family. he is my companion, my little love and i can`t think of how our life was without him. all my boys  - big and small -  love him and even my husband, who was against having a dog at that specific time, loves to cuddle little lumpi a lot! he brightens up our day and we hope, we do the same for him.

i love to dogwalk - i see more of my hood and we spend more time in the woods and even my boys love to take lumpi out - i can see how proud they leave the house and wander around with their hairy friend and they come back home with their very own stories, experiences and they even look taller …..so if you ever thought of having a dog - have a dog!