05. July 2016

tiptop tuesday in a glory dress

the best about my job is, when people aka clients are trusting me and my visions and ideas - even if sometimes i get a bit carried away and overwhelmed.
when they just listen and when they say YES (!!!) at the end of the mission - give it a go - that is a multiplus moment to me! today, i had such a moment. so my glory dress did its job!

i know, i know, it´s not about how you look, blablabla - no maybe you are right, but it´s about how you feel - and from my perspective - i feel much more competent and confident when i am wearing a beautiful dress.
it´s more about the inside than the outside - if my mirror says: outside is fine - my inside is stronger.  

so what i was wearing today, for me is a glory dress, just because of its dots and the preppy shape - both makes me happy and i can spread all my ideas around - that´s what glory dresses are supposed to deliver: confidence.

i do hope for all of you to have a minimum of 3 glory dresses:
one for the job - confidence makes you stonger
one for men - confidence makes you more sexyhiiii
one for mean women - confidence, just because they`ll hate you like hell in it…..

dress: paul & joe
cardi: tory burch
sneaker: saint laurent