29. June 2016

Berlin Fashion Week Day Two: yuchuu

very bad start for a woman in a hurry? a stupid slow, no blow blowdryer invented by ?
i guess a man - for sure kojak!
after blowdrying took me millions of hours and damaged my finger and costed minimum 3 more wrinkles, i decided to wear my incredibly, beautiful white dress by claudie pierlot plus cheering it up with stars by saint laurent-statementshoe but yet comfortable! this is what a "kojaked" woman really needs!

on my hairy fairy fair mission i found the perfect refresher: cold ginger tea by mono - troppodelicious!

after strawling around in fashion wonderland i wondered-
what all this cartoons are doing on the fair this season? donald - no, not trump - made me happy on glitter sneakers - again italy - bravo!

now off to "zeitmagazin". what i am going to wear? be surprised by tomorrow. so far ‚dream on baby‘...