15. June 2016

Little Q&A with Nicola Hinrichsen

lovely jewellery designer nicola hinrichsen tells me more about her inspiration and many more delicate details - just be swept away by her as i am!

Q: when you listen to a song you love - do you sing or do you listen?

A: of course i sing, even if i am not really familiar with the text…

Q: which song makes you wanne dance no matter what?
A: stole the show by kygo

Q: which is your fav material to work with?
A: soft leather and gemstones. i love to play with them in my hands and let them shine and sparkle

Q: when a star should wear your brand - which would be THE one?
A: type of women such as scarlett johannson, susan surandon, julianne moore, sophie marceau - women of casual elegance, sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

Q: why do you do, what you do?
A: i love to work with gemstones and shiny precious components. it`s so fascinating how gemstones sprakle due to their different cuttings. and i am so curious about people, cultures, their fashion and i love to travel. both of these parts can be combined in a perfect inspiring way.

Q: do you feel more inspired by nature or people?
A: i am inspired by all different kinds of people, their culture, habits, but also by architecture and arts or simply certain fabric, prints, embroideries, details that catch my eye.

Q: Which is your fav place to dine?
A: for me its a question of the company, it can take place anywhere!

Q: which is your favorite flower?
A: strelitzia - so exotic, elegant, fragile and seldom, facsinating shades of colours.